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“Lord and lady Smith live in a palace overlooking Turin. Their normally peaceful and privileged existence is being swept away in a tide of misunderstanding and farce. No one escapes the confusion. The guest assume they are under attack from an international gang of robbers; the old Judge accidently shoots the inspector, Martin is an undercover journalist investigating sleaze, Sir David a corrupt politician enjoying sleaze. By accident he shoots Martin, in his attempt to shoot the robber. The inspector is, in fact, a robber. Who has Sir David’s famous diary, which is full of his parliamentary colleagues’ secrets? Can lord Smith wriggle out of Lady Smith’s plans to enlist him in the foreign office? Can Annie escape from this madhouse? Can Martin get the goods on Sir David? In Superga nothing is what it seems. But amidst the confusion martin finds what he really wants in life, Alice. Sir David has other ideas… Martin needs his friend’s bumbling help, which proves more of a hindrance. Can anyone untangle this mess!”. Un giallo intrigante e divertente in lingua inglese, scritto e ambientato nell’affascinante scenario del capoluogo piemontese.

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