The Cathedral of Modena and

the Abbey of Nonantola

speak to us by means of their figures.

A universal language, always alive,

made even clearer and more topical

by these handy booklets.


Once we enter the Cathedral through the south door, on our right we immediately notice a sort of large niche, which occupies most of the wall with a high arch. It is the so-called Bellincini Chapel. Its surface is entirely covered by an impressive painting dating from the 15th century, which deserves a careful examination. Unfortunately, the lighting is inadequate to allow proper appreciation. In addition, parts of the painting were lost during various unfortunate events across the centuries, not least the air raid bomb which exploded on the nearby Door of the Princes in 1944, causing severe damage to this part of the Cathedral.

At the centre of the painting is our Lord Jesus, mysteriously prophesised and awaited for centuries by the Prophets and announced also by the Archangel Gabriel to Mary. He is presented as new-born baby, lovingly held by his Mother in the crib next to Joseph, and as severe and merciful judge at the end of time. Around him, all human history moves, which will culminate in the resurrection of the flesh, while awaiting the Last Judgement.


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AUTORE History and judgement La storia e il giudizio

Massimiliano Venturelli


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HISTORY AND JUDGEMENT – in the Bellincini chapel of Modena Cathedral
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