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LIETI CALICI – A journey into music, from lambrusco to champagne

by Daniele Rubboli of Luca Martini

Excellence is the future, that is what all of the most authoritative economics studies and our common sense say. Or even better, Excellences are the future, because Italy has a lot of them.

Daniele Rubboli, a musicologist of high reputation and gastronaut, had fun putting together two of the best-known Italian Excellences: wine and music. The sweet nectar and the bel canto, but it’s not anything. Wine and music have an ancient relationship which goes through centuries and social strata, reaching us and projecting itself into the future. A bond based on the art of being together, sharing nourishment of both body and soul.

Luca Martini,  world champion sommelier of 2013 selected for us the fifty best wineries which make up the path of “Lieti calici”, which goes from the cold lands of Northern Europe until the whole Italian peninsula, even crossing the production area of Champagne.

Opera, operetta, drama and compositions of great artists, like popular music and sing-songwriter songs, are full of encounters between wine and music. But Rubboli didn’t settle for the revelation of this relationship: for the first time, with a completely new operation, the Author gathered the funniest anecdotes and the most incredible stories, which tell us about the bond between wine and music, dedicating a chapter to each of the most renowned wines and vineyards of the world. From Lambrusco to Champagne, passing through Bordeaux, Chianti, Porto, Marzemino, Est est est, Sauvignon wines and many others. Rubboli takes us inside and behind the scenes of musical theatre, showing us how deeply the “lieti calici” are part of the culture and the imagery of Italy.

A journey from opera to song, from musical to concert, where WINE is always the protagonist. From Mozart to Vasco Rossi and Laura Pausini, from Verdi to Giorgio Gaber, Guccini, Ligabue…going through Rossini, Donizetti, Puccini and all the great opera composers that we know.

A book to read, to taste and to give…full of interesting news, which will make wine lovers happy and a pleasant surprise for everyone.


CERVIA con LIETI CALICI tra musica e Vino!!




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Resto Del Carlino 5 Giugno 2019


LIETI CALICI – A journey into music, from lambrusco to champagne

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