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This work is as important as the wine(s) it aims to celebrate, that is, Lambrusco (or better Lambruschi) from Modena. Despite being an extremely enjoyable wine, as well as an irresistible call to food and conviviality, Lambrusco has been long excluded from quality wine classifications and downgraded by poor quality production philosophies. Over the last few years, however, a sharp trend reversal has been taking place, with the local Lambruschi regaining the place they deserve among quality wines. This implies being endowed with those distinctive features that are considered as absolutely necessary for a wine to be appreciated by both experts and laypeople, namely historical background, quality, and poetry. And the Lambrusco industry has something for everyone, ranging from the clear Sorbara, to the captivating Salamino, to the rich Grasparossa.

A number of parties contributed to this volume. These include towering figures from the worlds of journalism and eno-gastronomy, but also members from the Universities of Modena and Bologna. They all played an essential part in providing a thorough account of the history, tradition, cultivation and wine-making techniques of Lambrusco in all of its varietals.

The result was an atlas where Lambrusco is portrayed in an accurate and straightforward way. Here, for the first time, sixty local wineries and 160 wine labels are illustrated in great detail, so as to present wine enthusiasts as well as novices with a valuable tool to become (even more) familiar with the qualities of this ancient and delicious nectar. Toasting is believing!



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