collana fiGURAE

The Cathedral of Modena and

the Abbey of Nonantola

speak to us by means of their figures.

A universal language, always alive,

made even clearer and more topical

by these handy booklets.


In Modena the Cathedral and the city are one: the Cathedral “speaks” about the mystery of God and the mystery of the Church and of man.

Modena Cathedral extends over three spaces, to which three corresponding times are connected. The space of the crypt, which originally was the site for the cult of relics, is the space of personal prayer, of the intimate relationship with the Lord. The crypt treasures the time of history and mystery: local history, which is represented by the relics of the saint, and the mystery of personal spirituality. The main body of the Cathedral belongs to the liturgy and celebration when the assembly of the faithful is nourished by the Word, the Sacraments and, in particular, by the Eucharist. It is the space of communion, in which the Christian community strengthens its bonds, and marks liturgical-eschatological time. Finally, the space of the Church forecourt and the civic square, open towards the city. This is the space of the mission, the encounter with daily life, the call to announcement and testimony. It represents the time of man, with his own rhythms of work and rest, joy and labour.

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THE “SPEAKING” CATHEDRAL – A theological interpretation of Modena Cathedral
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