collana fiGURAE

The Cathedral of Modena and

the Abbey of Nonantola

speak to us by means of their figures.

A universal language, always alive,

made even clearer and more topical

by these handy booklets.


Starting from its façade, it is clear that Modena Cathedral is the home of Saint Geminiano. His tomb is located in the crypt and has been jealously guarded for more than sixteen centuries.

But St. Geminiano dwells here also in other manners: in depictions, painted or sculpted inside or outside this sacred building, and also in his name carved on several inscriptions. All these elements are not just decorative arousing our admiration, but they communicate with the observer.

How many are these elements? What are they? Where are they?

In order to reply to these questions, this booklet proposes an itinerary in nineteen stages and across nine centuries, starting from the façade, proceeding along its external perimeter and through the Cathedral and concluding in the crypt. This visit should be carried out calmly, with attention and curiosity, without taking everything for granted. Your tour must not be limited to reading the plates with the names and dates of the works of art! There will be exciting discoveries for those who visit the Cathedral for the first time as well as unexpected surprises for those who are already familiar with it.


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GEMINIANO IN HIS OWN HOME – a name, a face, a presence
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